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    • Shandong Dongding Composite Materials Co., Ltd. to carry out the "New Year's day, new year"
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      In 2017 to celebrate the new year's day, thank you for making effort in 2016 to promote staff unity, enhance team cohesion, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, the company leaders decided, decided in 2017 01 month 01 days held to celebrate the new year's day.

    • Safety is an eternal theme
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      Safety is an eternal theme, it is the most important and the most basic human requirements, safety production is people life and health security, but also the basis for enterprise survival and development, is the prerequisite for social stability and economic development.

    • 2016 year-end total recognition and 2017 work plan meeting was held successfully
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      January 25, 2017, Shandong Dong Ding composite materials Co., Ltd. 2016 year-end summary and recognition of the work plan meeting in 2017 in the two session of the conference room, conference room, held successfully on the four floor. Mr. Li Dongming, general manager of the company, Mr. Li Dongsheng...

    • Quality in my heart
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      Quality is the foundation of all things, there is no quality, talk about what brand, development, competition is empty talk. Especially for our plate processing company, quality is the cornerstone of our enterprise survival and development. None of us can guarantee the quality of our products as lon...

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