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Shandong Dongding Composite Materials Co., Ltd. to carry out the "New Year's day, new year"

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In 2017 to celebrate the new year's day, thank you for making effort in 2016 to promote staff unity, enhance team cohesion, strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, the company leaders decided, decided in 2017 01 month 01 days held to celebrate the new year's day. Activities are divided into three modules: the first module is "unity is strength" tug of war competition, the second module is the Cara OK game, the third module is dinner party activities. All of the company's administrative staff and representatives of the workshop staff participated in this event.



First of all, the tug of war competition, the team to the Department for the group, a total of 5 teams, including the sales team of the team, the administrative department of the 1 team, the Finance Department of the 1 team, the production of the leadership of the 1 team, the production team of the staff of 1. When the game whistle sounded, I saw the members of the team to hold a long rope, the strength of the hard pull back! The leadership of the company also help out next to the team, not participating employees spontaneously composed of Cheerleading for the players cheer, whistle, cry scene of fierce competition as one falls, another rises, the activities to a climax! In the course of the game, each member of the team to work hard, whether it is on the field or field, the atmosphere is extremely intense, after hard work, the sales team won the first prize in the tug of war! After the game, Lee gave the winning team bonuses and pennant!



The game is Cara OK, after a period of careful planning and organization of the rehearsal, a total of 40 players, after pre finals, eventually leading to the finals of the 20 players, 20 players dressed in neat clothing, at the beginning of a song "people paddle ship" opened the game to pull the curtain, sing the song we Ding Dong People's passion, we show the Ding Dong People's mental outlook, one down the players in high spirits, can't wait for the next deduction, a song will match to a climax, with strong rhythm, passion, soulful singing voice resounded through the whole building, brought countless players moved and proud. Finally, after the concert, the audience's vote, Zhu Lin won the final by the sales accounting "Ding Dong Mic king", by the general manager issued a certificate of gifts, games to sing a song together in one family "ended" deeply attached to each other.
Finally, the passion of the tug of war and the song contest behind the scenes, all the staff to carry out a dinner party activities
New year, new year. Let us take the vigor, good governance, innovation, a victory of a new year more brilliant brilliant new chapter!

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