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Safety is an eternal theme

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Safety is an eternal theme, it is the most important and the most basic human requirements, safety production is people life and health security, but also the basis for enterprise survival and development, is the prerequisite for social stability and economic development.
In the tide of market economy, what do you need most? Money, beauty, or fame and fortune, let me answer, I said: I most need to be safe".
"Caution!" work, this is my wife and children to exhort, parents are always charged sincere words and earnest wishes "must Caution!" in "security responsibility when leaving, we go to work every day this is weightier than Mount Tai" Taussig keep the faith. In the journey of life, safe with me, from our birth, to the toddler, to leave her mother Wan Fu, teetered on the road of life, we have been relying on the "safety" of the stick, without it, we would fall down, may go wind storm rain, more could not reach the top of the brilliant life.


We still remember the Hengyang fire, hundred commercial building fire, Wuhai Xinyuan coal mine accident, every accident is accompanied by blood and tears, every accident has penetrated the pain and pain. In the face of a sudden accident, life seems so vulnerable, all the good in the twinkling of an eye to disappear. One scene of outliving his wife and children, Sixinliefei cries, should let us watch the importance of "safety first", "safe" for our employees, its significance lies in the safe production in the process of operation, is the happiness that thousands of households, national property safety, as the production of front-line employees to said, no matter where you are, regardless of their surrounding environment risk is big or small, should be vigilant, Caution!, a mistake, a defect, even a little carelessness may make work life is in danger, it is "safe" for our company escort, let our business has gone tomorrow.
Lack of safety knowledge and safety awareness of the weak, always let us see, hear the lesson of blood, the former car sign, the car after the division of safety work is only a starting point, there is no end. Good order is safe, the development of our enterprise, employees constantly improve the living standards of the most concentrated expression, do not understand the "safety first", is not safe to live in the world, only the security will have a harvest, there is happiness.

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