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2016 year-end total recognition and 2017 work plan meeting was held successfully

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January 25, 2017, Shandong Dong Ding composite materials Co., Ltd. 2016 year-end summary and recognition of the work plan meeting in 2017 in the two session of the conference room, conference room, held successfully on the four floor. Mr. Li Dongming, general manager of the company, Mr. Li Dongsheng, as well as all levels of management and staff representatives of more than 100 people attended the meeting. Chaired by the assistant chairman Yue Caibing.



The meeting, by the representatives of the employees of the company, made a speech on behalf of monitor, the supervisor work summary in 2016 and 2017 work plan report did speak, chairman of Mr. Li Dongming made the "cost efficiency, quality and increment, an important speech and strive for the construction of sustainable development" Ding Dong, the content of the speech is reviewed. The overall development of the company in 2016, fully affirmed the past year each department achievements, objectively pointed out the problems existing in the work and the insufficiency, analyzed the current situation and the tasks facing the proposed 2017 ideas, goals and focus of work, seeking truth from facts, encouraging and guiding is an important company in 2017 work file.
Finally, held the "2016 outstanding employees", "model monitor", "excellent managers" award ceremony.



This meeting is of great significance, we must reflect on the spirit of the meeting to convey the spirit of. Li Dongming, chairman of the important speech as the guiding ideology, clear understanding of the current situation, the plight of the face, strengthen management, improve professionalism, standardization. Cooperate with each other, cooperate closely with each other, and take responsibility to the post, the responsibility to the people, and integrate into the development trend of the company management.
Comrades: the company for each of us to display their talent, to achieve their own broad platform and a good opportunity. Let's keep be enthusiastic and press on mental state, adhere to the pragmatic style of work, straighten out the ideas, innovative methods of work, closely united in the leadership of the company under the leadership of the difficulties, forge ahead, do solid work, to ensure the completion of the mission objectives, to usher in the East Ding brilliant tomorrow to struggle!

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