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"Quality is the life of the enterprise, and the foundation for the enterprise’s survival and development”. Dongding has being giving top priority to quality management, and has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification. With the quality management system as the basis, they have implemented further enhancement of quality management.
Regarding quality management, the company first of all, keeps strict control of the quality of raw materials, and purchase the raw materials in strict accordance with the quality standards. The raw materials are purchased from domestic well-known steel mills to ensure the quality of raw materials; all the processes are equipped with quality inspection personnel for quality control in strict accordance with industry standards, and carry out mutual buyer-seller relationships between the processes. If one process’s quality is not up to the standard, it will not be accepted in the next process, to ensure that substandard products will not flow in the processes, nor leave the factory. A special assessment team is set up to deal with the emergence of quality problems. For the various problems showing up in the quality control process, the assessment team can directly make in-depth investigation of the reasons, analyze the situation and develop the improved measures to put an end to repetition of such problems. Every Wednesday and Sunday, a quality analysis meeting is held for analyzing the causes to the problem and developing the solutions. The summary and assessment of the quality problem in the processes is carried out monthly. The quality responsibility system is implemented on the level of each employee, and an effective quality assessment mechanism has been formulated.
The company has a product testing center, which has employed professional testing personnel, and introduced advanced testing technology and equipment to carry out chemical analysis of steel, test mechanical properties, make metallographic analysis, and conduct coated surface performance testing, to provide a reliable guarantee for product quality, while providing test supports for product quality improvement and enhancement.





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